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Hello there! My name is Shirley and I warmly welcome you to Diamonds-Source.com. I’m a jeweler with more than 5 years of experience and decided to create this website to share my knowledge on diamond buying.

I know getting engaged is an incredibly exciting-and nerve wracking – process. You want to plan everything out just right, in the correct place and at a time that she will remember forever. But all of this will be overshadowed by…the ring, of course. With so much on the line, how do you get the best piece of jewelry ever, for a price that your wallet will love? Read on for my suggestions.

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How awesome is this ring?

You will need to take into account the all-important factors of cut, clarity, color and carat. Generally, you want something that is cut in a very balanced way, and reflects beautifully. Clarity is noticeable to the trained eye, so opt for at least slightly included. You don’t want to get to close to a yellow tinge for color, keep on the clear side, if possible.

As for carat, you be the judge of the size that is appropriate. Now all these factors combine to form a great diamond. Research and see which are more or less important, because the better the stone, the more expensive it can get. For example, say the carat doesn’t matter much, but you want a great cut. Pick your ideals and spend money where it counts.

Appraisal Process

Get your ring appraised by someone trained to do so. There are lots of options here. Some jewelers will have an appraiser that they work with. If this is not possible, do your homework and find someone with great credentials. An appraiser will look at every aspect of your piece and tell you its worth in total. This will come in handy later, when you get your ring insured.

Insuring your purchase

Now that you’ve spent all this time, effort – and yes, cash – to acquire the perfect diamond for your future spouse, make certain that it is protected. Over years, rings can become damaged, or get misplaced. So insurance is a very necessary part of the process towards securing your ring. Many jewelry stores will offer ring insurance. But the options can vary.

Keep your budget in mind, but make sure the coverage is good. Ideally, you want insurance that will replace a stolen ring, and never leave you and your purchase hanging out to dry. This way, when you pop the question, you can know without a doubt that the ring will be kept secure through the years.

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Warranty and Cleaning

Most jewelers will give a warranty varying from several years to forever. Some include this as a service, while others charge extra. In order to keep your warranty going strong, the ring will likely need to be presented for regular inspections. It will be cleaned and looked over for any new damages at this time.

This protects you and the jeweler. This is another way to give your purchase the highest quality possible. And this is something I would highly recommend. Your fiancé will appreciate your forethought, trust me! It makes the proposal twice as romantic if she isn’t worried about something happening to her new ring.

Waiting for the right moment

I am sure you have a plan in motion for your proposal. But while the process is on hold and your ring is waiting to be worn, keep it safe! It should come in a cushioned box that will protect it from harm. Store your purchase in am out of sight, hard to reach place for maximum security. Never just carry it around in your pocket unless you are proposing that day! Until it is on her finger, it is still your responsibility, so watch over it!

Hopefully, the important parts of keeping your ring’s value high are now a little clearer. Remember to know the quality of the diamond before you make the purchase, get an appraisal and insurance, and go over warranty and maintenance at the time you buy it. With all these great additions present, how could your ring not have a well maintained life? Your new fiancé will love your attention to detail, and be impressed by the time you took to ensure that such a valuable and beautiful purchase stays that way forever.

I hope this article revealed some insights on engagement ring shopping. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions.

Good luck!

GIA Graduate Gemologist